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EXCLUSIVE: Dane Cook asked to co-star in Ghostbusters 3


The famous Los Angeles comedian/actor responds to Shadowlocked's GB3 gibe...

Dane Cook - asked to join the Ghostbusters 3 team

While the world waits for what may be an imminent ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ regarding the future of a possible Ghostbusters 3 film, snippets of related news have been flying ever faster about the blogosphere in the past few days.

First was this admission by prospective director Ivan Reitman during an interview on Monday with Digital Spy that the rumored casting of Ashton Kutcher is “absolutely possible”. Then, on Tuesday, Bill Murray participated in a rare scheduled interview on The Howard Stern Show and, upon being questioned about his interest in Ghostbusters 3, admitted that he had still not read the script. However, Murray admitted to feeling that he “owed” Ivan Reitman to eventually peruse the oft-mentioned screenplay, assuring Stern and his listeners that he would “get to it”.

Shadowlocked began following this latest chapter in the drama that is the pre-pre-production of Ghostbusters 3 in a news piece that I wrote, dated February 5th, where I reported that the Lee Eisenberg/Gene Stupnitsky script had been all but completed and that Sony Pictures and potential members of cast and crew were awaiting Bill Murray to read the script and give the go-ahead.

On February 17, after further contemplating the possibility of a third adventure of the New York parapsychologists, I created a list in which I collated the 10 things that a Ghostbusters 3 would need to tackle properly to be both a box office hit and a worthy addition to the franchise.

The list was generally well-received…except for one strikingly-prominent dissenting opinion.

Among the 10 tips that I offered the film’s creative team was an entry titled “Keep the Deadpan Humor”, in which I put forward the notion that employing the tried-and-true Ghostbusters brand of low-key humor would be a preferable comedic route over the high-energy, high-volume comedy that seems to be so prevalent and popular among today’s youth. Within the entry, I mentioned two comics by name – Jack Black and Dane Cook – that I believed to be wrong for such a film. The relevant text follows –

Suffice it to say that I am not going to be pleased if Dane Cook or Jack Black end up in the GB3 cast. Black can be funny, but I'm not interested in his particular brand of humor in this instance. And no, Dane Cook is not funny. Pretty much ever.

After publishing the piece and briefly engaging in short conversations with the commenters that trickled in to give their two cents, I presumed that the piece would eventually be filed away in the great Internet digital file cabinet and I moved on to 'new business'. That is, until the next day, when my laptop chimed to alert me to a new email from one Dane Cook –

I have been approached to do this film. I might go for it now just because you don't want me to. So there.

Extensive research by Shadowlocked’s loose collection of IT experts has proven to our satisfaction that the email is a legitimate and credible communiqué from Mr. Cook, which places it firmly in ‘Scoop’ territory.

So there you have it. According to comedian Dane Cook, direct from his website email address, he has been formally asked to co-star in Ghostbusters 3 as a member of the new Ghostbuster crew that takes the torch from the old foursome of Venkman, Stantz, Spengler, and Zeddemore. No other information was forthcoming and a reply to Cook’s introductory message received no response.

What do you think, Shadowlocked readers and Ghostbuster fans? Would Cook be a good fit as part of a new ghostbusting team or does this, along with the Kutcher rumor and Bill Murray waffling, make you wonder if this beloved '80s franchise would be best left alone?

(My thanks to Jay Davies and Brooks C. for assisting me with research for this article.)

Editor's note: To those wondering how we verified the authenticity of the mail that Dane Cook sent us: we compared the message headers of his out-of-the-blue e-mail to us to an email reply he made to one of our contacts in response to a totally unrelated enquiry, and confirmed that the message headers (which cannot be spoofed in the way that a 'reply-to' address can)  were identical.

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#1 So there... MikeMike 2011-02-23 17:17
If he is to co-star, I will not go see it just because he is an unoriginal pompous ass who is and never has been funny.

So there...
#2 RE: EXCLUSIVE: Dane Cook asked to co-star in Ghostbusters 3 gbfan 2011-02-23 18:42
Dane Cook isn't a bad choice; I could think of worse (cough, Ashton Kutcher). I'd rather see Paul Rudd, and/or Sean William Scott.
#3 RE: EXCLUSIVE: Dane Cook asked to co-star in Ghostbusters 3 SchottGun 2011-02-23 19:07
I suspect he's trolling.. otherwise..
#4 RE: EXCLUSIVE: Dane Cook asked to co-star in Ghostbusters 3 Superd316 2011-02-23 19:17
Dane Cook is funny as hell and is anything but a pompous ass. I would love to see him in GB3 as long as his humor and jokes are relevant to the movie and not overbearing.
#5 Not the right fit for Ghostbusters 3 suzyq 2011-02-23 20:59
I don't think Dane Cook would be right for the movie. I'm still going with Oscar all grown up played by Micheal Cera....
#6 Anything but? Ryusui 2011-02-23 21:03
"I might go for it now just because you don't want me to. So there."
[sarcasm]That doesn't sound at all like something a pompous ass would say. [/sarcasm]

You know, I can take or leave Dane Cook. I never liked most of his stand up work, but I found a few snippets here and there to be funny.
However, if he's put into the new movie, I'm sure it will tank. And see, I can pretend that Ghostbusters 3 didn't happen. I can choose not to buy it and forever have it absent from my movie collection. If he ruins this franchise, he won't be able to just pretend that away.
#7 I take that as a NOOOO!!!?? suzyq 2011-02-23 22:57
Quoting SchottGun:
I suspect he's trolling.. otherwise..

Funny YouTube clip! I take that as a: NO you don't thinks he's right for Ghostbusters 3 the same as I feel, LOL.
#8 RE: EXCLUSIVE: Dane Cook asked to co-star in Ghostbusters 3 Nikki 2011-03-01 23:02
I think he would be just fine for the movie if the movie had a chance of being any good in the first place. It was kind of a dumb movie the first time around. I think Dane can do better than GP3.

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