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Kick-Ass Idea from Vaughn


Eastwood as Miracle Man, Warren Beatty as Barnacle Boy...?

Matthew Vaughan wants Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, and Warren Beatty to play superheroes coming out of retirement

Okay, superheroes coming out of retirement is not the most original idea in the world. (The Dark Knight Returns, anyone? How about this, "I am Spider-Man no more!") It's not even the most original idea in Hollywood, and it seems like these days there's not a single original idea in Hollywood at all; what with remakes, reboots and re-imaginings. So the news (courtesy of Deadline) that Matthew Vaughn is interested in putting together a movie based on pulling old superheroes out of retirement at first caused a resounding "meh."

Vaughn, however, has directed some seriously interesting and fun movies: Layer Cake, Stardust, Kick-Ass, and the hotly-anticipated X-Men: First Class. He's proven the depth of his talent by crossing genres, from crime thriller to fantasy to superhero, making surprising and eminently watchable movies every time. Vaughn intends to use an unpublished comic by British talk-show host and comedian Jonathan Ross as source material; the title The Golden Age is the name of the comic, and refers to the superhero comics of the 1930's, the 'golden age' of the medium and the genre. Ross has published another comic already: Turf, which features 1920's prohibition style gangsters at war with aliens and legions of the undead, is about halfway through its run at Image Comics. Ross also did a signing with Mark Millar for CLiNT, a comic-book magazine, to promote Kick-Ass 2, which Vaughn is set to direct as well.

Vaughn has put forth a wish list of actors he'd like attached to the project: a list that includes Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty. Jack Nicholson's notable comic book adaptation to date was the fantastic Joker (though your mileage may vary - News Ed (Calvin Peat)) in Tim Burton's original Batman; Warren Beatty's in the less-than-fantastic Dick Tracy. These guys are amazing actors; they'd be on any director's wish list, and putting together a project that puts them in the starring role again is on the surface a good idea. Vaughn also stated that the success of movies like Red and The Expendables has led him to believe in the marketability of an older superhero.

And let's face it, the ideas that get used over and over again are the good ones. A superhero coming out of retirement for one last adventure must appeal to audiences in some primal way. While the source material for The Golden Age, Ross' unpublished comic, has apparently been completed, the script for the film has not. However, Vaughn was not only the director of Stardust and Kick-Ass, he also wrote the screenplays for both (along with his writing partner Jane Goldman, who's also Jonathan Ross' wife) by adapting the source material: the first, a novel by Neil Gaiman; the second, a comic by Mark Millar (this one, however, published).


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