Richard Cosgrove

rich cosgrove 2013 promoBorn in Robin Hood country (the fair city of Nottingham to be precise), Richard has a passion for writing and music that borders on the obsessive. A lifelong movie fan, he is the author of a book about his beloved horror films (To Die For: 25 Saturday Night Fright Flicks – available at all good online retailers!) and wrote the soundtrack for the 2006 independent revenge flick Deaden. He also recently contributed a piece of Yuletide zombie fiction to The Dead Files: Vol III.

A keen supporter of home grown talent, Richard compered the inaugural Autumn: Horror In The East festival held in Lowestoft last November, which brought together British authors like David Moody, Joseph D'Lacey, Joseph Freeman and many others, and is looking forward to taking up the challenge of keeping these bloodthirsty scribes in line once again this coming November.

He lives and breathes rock music, particularly when turned up to eleven, and is looking for an agent for  his semi-autobiographical look at the 1980s rock scene I Was A Teenage Rock Fan! He plays a mean bass guitar and an even meaner air guitar, entering (but sadly not winning) the 2010 UK Air Guitar Championships.

When not writing, Richard DJs regularly, running MARS, a bi-monthly mashup/alternative/rock/social night in his adopted town of Colchester, and loves Dexter, The Walking Dead (both universes), Stephen King, Harlan Ellison, Don Martin, Sergio Aragones, Star Wars, Xbox 360, beer and his amazing wife Deborah.