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9 potential new epochs for the Assassin's Creed franchise


Where should the gaming phenomenon go when Rome is in its wake...?

Where next for Assassin's Creed?

For a franchise that started with a buggy, premature release and gameplay that was shockingly repetitive and monotonous, Assassin’s Creed has come a very long way indeed. Assassin’s Creed 2 improved exponentially upon the first, giving us the game we had all hoped for the first time around but disappointingly never got. The shift to Renaissance Italy breathed new life into a series that was already in serious danger of becoming stagnant and yet another failed concept. In fact, this shift was so successful that we got a fully-fledged spin-off sequel to enjoy by way of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Conversely, while essentially providing more of the same (no bad thing), Brotherhood also introduced a few key new elements: the Assassins' guild, more set-pieces through Da Vinci’s mechanical wonders, and of course, multiplayer.

Assassin's Creed: BrotherhoodAs successful and loved as AC2 and Brotherhood protagonist Ezio is, his story is not one that can go on forever. The true protagonist of the series is Desmond, who – compared with Ezio - lacks charisma and charm; but Ubisoft certainly have time to help alter this in AC's future sequels. Indeed, back in 2009 producer Sebastian Puel claimed they could make 35 games without breaking a sweat. Bold words, to be sure, but with the mythology of Assassin’s Creed taking place across hundreds of years, there’s no reason for his claim not to be true.

However, the real question that needs to be addressed is this - where and when will they go next? Interestingly, certain Ubisoft workers have been quoted as saying that fans looking for hints as to the location of the next game in the franchise should look to the comics, which feature the USSR and ancient Rome. Yet, with AC's latest release – Brotherhood – having been set almost entirely in Borgia Rome, it’s difficult to imagine Ubisoft producing yet another game in the same setting, and it’s almost certainly something the fans would be up in arms about.

Instead, what’s widely expected and, generally speaking, most wanted, is for Ubisoft to head in an entirely different direction with new locations, new characters, and new set-pieces. Here’s a list of just some of the possibilities Ubisoft could pursue in future Assassin’s Creed games.

1: Restoration, Tudor, and Victorian London

Assassin's Creed: Victorian LondonLondon is a city rife with history. There are literally hundreds of possibilities here. Ubisoft could explore Elizabethan England, the Civil War, the Restoration, and so on. The Elizabethan era – or the Golden Age – probably serves as the best backdrop, featuring England at a time of heavy change, with its first female monarch and serious political alliances taking place behind the scenes. Given Assassin’s Creed’s tendency to feature characters that played crucial roles in history, it’s quite easy to imagine Sir Francis Drake, both Thomas and Oliver Cromwell, Samuel Pyps or even Isaac Newton popping up to rival AC2 and ACB’s Leonardo da Vinci and Machiavelli. The specific time setting of the game almost certainly means only one of these historic figures could appear without creating a serious time paradox, but even one of them would be a logical and excellent addition to the franchise.

2: Feudal Japan

Assassin's Creed: Feudal Japan (with image by Melciah1791 at one almost speaks for itself. The ninja and the assassin may be different clans, but they’re practically kissing cousins. In fact, bringing in ninjas could really work in the franchise’s favour if Ubisoft were seeking to expand upon the stealth aspect of the franchise, something many fans, myself included, feel they could improve upon exponentially. Not since the days of the PS One has there been a decent ninja stealth-orientated game by way of Tenchu and Tenchu: Birth of the Assassins (sorry for current franchise fans, but the series has been in progressive decline since the PS2 games), and Ubisoft have a huge chance to break into that sorely-lacking market.

Ninjas aren’t all historical Japan has to offer, though; in the time before Ieyasu unified the Feudal Lords, there was plenty of division and struggle among the different factions, not to mention the Samurai, the introduction of gaijin and the modernization of Japan. Sounds like the perfect backdrop for an Assassin’s Creed storyline.

3: Revolutionary France

Assassin's Creed: Revolutionary FranceThis one has been hotly rumored as the setting for the next big location change in the franchise, and it's easy to see why. Some would even make an argument that democracy was born in France. With Marie Antoinette’s infamous “Let them eat cake” cementing the royal family’s doom, the architecture of France was changed forever; followed by the subsequent execution of King Louis XVI, ala guillotine, in 1793. Ten years later, Napolean would be leading France in battle against England and other European nations. As for who would step into the 'genius' slot, the Marquis de Sade was still around at that time…

4: Romanov Russia / The Soviet Union

A Mother Russia feel?Not long before the Bolsheviks and Menshaviks finished their bloody battle for what was then called Petrograd (now St. Petersberg), Tsar Nicholas the Second was still in power and a mysterious monk named Grigori Rasputin emerged and rose through the Royal Family’s inner circle until he had the Tsar’s ear. Having allegedly healed the Tsar’s son of hemophilia B, Rasputin had garnered himself a reputation as the 'Mad Monk'. When he was finally assassinated by Prince Felix Yusupov, the Tsarist government came to an abrupt, bloody end less than a year later. Apparently unaffected by a dose of poison large enough to kill five men, Rasputin is said to have then survived four gunshot wounds, only finally dying by drowning in the Moika river where his body was dumped. A figure shrouded in mystery to this day, Rasputin’s mysticism could be brilliantly explained by his use of one of the Pieces of Eden found throughout the Creed universe.

5: Independent America

Assassin's Creed: War Of IndependenceThe time of the Founding Fathers is one of the most influential in all history, and it’s also one of the closest to our own. Although ballsy, Ubisoft could potentially pit a newly-declared American citizen against the tyranny of the British Colonials during the War of Independence. This would provide hugely ambitious but extremely tantalizing opportunities to encounter some of the most iconic American figures of all time, including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and many more. Although still a young nation, America has a great deal of history already. Other possibilities include the Civil War and the Gold Rush, though Ubisoft then potentially run the risk of treading on Red Dead Redemption’s toes.

6: Ancient Civilizations

Assassin's Creed: Aztec WarThis is a very broad submission, and while each are different in their own way, the Incas, Mayans, Aztecs and Egyptians are all ancient civilizations about which we know a sizeable amount, but still have gaping holes in our knowledge of their respective cultures. The Egyptians may be the best example of this, particularly with the Pyramids. We still don’t know exactly how they were built, and with the Pieces of Eden, Ubisoft have a fantastically convenient way of answering this.

7: Nazi Germany

Assassin's Creed: WWIIAnother time-period heavily rumoured to feature in the next game, Nazi Germany certainly has the potential to fit in with the Creed universe. Hitler was widely known to be a collector of rare antiquities, as well as of religious artifacts. Again, this fits perfectly with the Pieces of Eden mythology and once again could take place at a time of great social change. Of course, it’s highly unlikely that Ubisoft would have you controlling a Nazi character – more likely we’d control a British or American spy relaying their information back home. In the time of the Third Reich, it’s hard to imagine any protagonist brandishing two dual-hidden blades up their sleeves when they could simply use a pistol. This would therefore most likely result in an evolution of the weapon system, and as long as Ubisoft didn’t simply turn the game into a GTA clone, it’s fairly safe to say the fans would still be satisfied.

8: Imperial China

Assassin's Creed: Imperial China'Imperial China' covers a broad spectrum of time, so more specifically, let’s say during the Qing Dynasty, which was between 1644 and 1912. Admittedly, I can’t profess to know a great deal about Chinese history, but even an unimaginative mind can grasp the possibilities of a China where martial arts rule. Anyone who’s ever seen the movies Hero or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon can easily imagine the rooftop scrambling that China could potentially bring, not to mention China’s culturally rich locales, including the Great Wall. The only problem here is that China might be just a little too vast.

9: Modern Day New York

Assassin's Creed: NYCWell, this is basically what we’ve been building towards. Since day one, we’ve known that the true main character in this story is Desmond, a despondently apathetic twenty-something who seems to have no earthly connections, friends, or family. In fact, the only thing we actually know about Desmond is he works as a barman. Wow. Compelling stuff. At the moment, Desmond doesn’t so much pale in comparison to his ancestors (even Altair had his moments) as just fail to compare at all. If Ubisoft are serious about bringing Desmond to the forefront of the franchise as our main protagonist, they need to heavily invest in his character-building. Apparently building up to the end of the world in 2012, Desmond’s storyline needs to get its act together soon if the fans are going to care enough to want to play as him over Ezio or another of his ancestors. Not only that, but if Ubisoft brought the gameplay to modern times – as they seem to have been building towards since Creed’s inception – would we be switching hidden blades for dual-glocks? It’s difficult to imagine Creed retaining its atmosphere and unique gameplay mechanics if the modern day is brought into the equation, and potentially threatens to turn Assassin’s Creed into just another Grand Theft Auto wannabe.

Of course, not all of these storylines could so easily fit into the larger story of Assassins versus Templars, particularly in the regions of Asia, but it’s worth noting that creating a side-story in order to explore these locales as an assassin would not make a jot of difference to Ubisoft’s sales – Templars or no, nobody is going to pass up the opportunity to go ninja in order to maintain storyline continuity. There’s also the question of Desmond’s lineage – if jumping from Jerusalem to Renaissance Italy wasn’t a big enough shift for Desmond’s varied heritage, giving him an Asian ancestor might be pushing the boundaries of belief. Nonetheless, after hundreds of years of changing family locales, who’s to say that Desmond couldn’t have any Japanese, Chinese or Russian in him? And if that’s going too far, just introduce another character – it’s been established through AC2 and ACB that there are other teams of Assassins out there in the modern day doing the same thing as Des and co – a spin-off game would give us a great opportunity to expand the AC horizons.

So, what say you kids? Which of the above locations would you like to see AC go to next? How many games would you play before you got bored of the same formula? Are you eager for the modern-day setting or hoping it never comes? Do you have any suggestions of your own? Sound off the in the comments below and get your voice heard!

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#1 AC-Modern Day Ideas/reasons D 2011-02-04 21:18
I think It would be great to go for the modern day theme. It's a big step forward. And it's good to get away from the ancestors and the animus deal. Reasons why:
1.) It gives a more interesting/exiting view of the story
2.) There's so much more you can do, to branch off of the end of AC brotherhood. To find the other "temples" the Godesses mentioned in AC 2 & AC brotherhood. ( who knows?! Maybe one of the temples could maybe be in NYC, hidden secretly or something, or maybe not just NYC).
3.) It gives a chance for Desmond to come in contact with the other assassin's that are working out there in the real world(reality/Modern day). So maybe he could lead them, like his ancestors altiar and Ezio did. To fight against Warren Vidict and the Templar assassin's (that Vidict has been training, to later, take on the modern day assassins) at an equal level this time.
I just though I would share this with you guys. What do you think? If you have Any questions or ideas, or even other reasons, contact me.

#2 Definitely Max 2011-02-06 00:27
Victorian London/Paris (thinking about 1889-late Victorian era, as this was the year the eiffel tower was finished. Would love to see the view from both Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower. Both cities in the same game, like Venice and Florence in AC2) or Modern day New York.
#3 DESmond the Ninja'samurai Mark 2011-02-06 05:39
im gonna say Assassins creed all the way. I could stick with the formula to the next game for 20 yrs(not really) , just so long as the story is Amazing, side options/quests/piece of eden are present, and and the core of the game moves at a good pace. I Love that brotherhood still had a pretty decent play time by the time you finish the game, even if you quickplay it through, ignoring side stuff (dont know why you would.) x20 more hours next game!! no but, i REALLy think Feudal Japan or China or even Thailand would be GREAT additions to this franchise. Even if in some future spinoff. The architecture i think would be Completely amazing to climb up and scale. All the deep warm colors like Red dominating the land. i can see it now. deep landscapes, emerging villages, pure light brown dirt dirt, stained with the blood of the corrupt! Throughout history with the growth of japan, the art/architecture has been beautiful. i think this offers the most eye candy and gratification, not that any of the other city's couldnt prove better, i just think the color scheme would be a very good change from all the pale beige colors present now. They will prob nail it since they got Italy out of their system by now(hopefully). present times i think would also be some ultimate greatness as well. and no i would hope he wouldnt get sillly glocks on board, subbing for blades lol. We see Desmond with his blade on in present day (when will they end the tease of modern day!) from the end of 2 to present rome.. not to say a glock built into his blade holster would be out o' the question.... possibly Divince's descendant can hang out in the animus and figure how to rig that thing. any ways. I hope they get it right whatever they do. i have faith in those guys for making a game like brotherhood better than it should have been imo. Notice when you are Desmond in ACB at the end in the Collesseum (present day), and you'll see he climbs a bit faster than Ezio. When you jump to a ledge and hang to pull yourself up, he just pulls up ALOT faster and it feels ALOT more comfortable and natural. I say do this but to the whole game. Starting from the ground up but while keeping the awesomeness from before present. and please, weave another endless spiderweb sized story like from 2. Brotherhood was what it needed to be, but come on'. i hope they blow my mind out of the water
#4 which one???? a greek fan 2011-02-08 20:30
i think all of these epochs would be great!!!!!if i had to pick i would choose,england or japan but all of them ideas are really awesome!!!!!!!i t's really difficult to choose only one though!!!!!!!ke ep up the good work AC producers,devel opers etc.
#5 #6 - ALL HAIR CAESAR!! Paris 2011-02-08 20:33
Gladiators. Emperors. Egyptian Queens... Purrrrrrrr is all I need to say.
#6 Hrmm... Lauren Matheson 2011-02-08 20:33
I'm trying to balance having a change and not losing the essence of the game. At first I liked the ancient worlds idea but then I guess that can't really be made much different to the previous games.
On the other hand however, the modern day one (although it sounds cool) will probably be such a big leap it won't feel like AC anymore.

The compromise for me, would be Victorian London because the narrow, dark streets provide an awesome opportunity for creating atmosphere, even throwing in some more horror-ish elements. There are also several famous real and fictional characters that can be played off to add the historical tradition the series has built up.
#7 RE: 9 potential new epochs for the Assassin's Creed franchise Amos 2011-02-08 20:49
I think they could jump to the modern day assassin. But they could continue with Desmond as the main character, I mean play on the whole "Bleeding Affect". But I have to disagree with the Ninja, Imperial China, and Germany/Nazi. I think any of those eras might just be a step back in the game, considering Ubisoft could have made AC using Ninjas or Samurais. Personally a pro about AC series is that it isn't set with the whole, I am Ninja, I must not bring shame to my family.

As for the concepts 1,3,4, and 5, seem more plausible and better eras to set the game in. Then there is the whole "Ancient Civilizations", just doesn't really seem like a great idea unless they were just giving more background to the whole "Pieces of Eden".
#8 Where did my evil little assassin go? he took the guards out then dissappeared into the hay. Amanda 2011-02-08 20:56
Feudal Japan
#9 Marco Polo link? Marc 2011-02-08 20:56
"There’s also the question of Desmond’s lineage – if jumping from Jerusalem to Renaissance Italy wasn’t a big enough shift for Desmond’s varied heritage, giving him an Asian ancestor might be pushing the boundaries of belief. "

If you want possible ancestral links to Asia, specifically Italian ones since one doesn't want to "push the boundaries of belief" too much, look no further than Marco Polo or Giovanni da Pian del Carpine, who both traveled to the Mongol Empire long before the time of Ezio.
#10 Mr Leon 2011-02-08 20:56
Restoration, Tudor, and Victorian London Or Feudal Japan

These Get My Pick For The Culture And I Think That Running Around These Places Would Make Great Gameplay And There Is Plenty Of History
#11 guns = no Nason155 2011-02-08 20:57
i love the close combat that assassin creed games give, they make guns or any other type of long range weapon look like a gift and something to use only when absolutely necessary, going back in time would be my personal choice to the Egyptians or something of that nature, even that Mians, 2012 is included in the plot after-all and their calendar called for that end. i don't want guns to be used in these games even Nazi Germany is to modern for me. make a game with sword style combat and it will be a continuation of perfection
#12 prototype? Leroy 2011-02-08 21:02
putting it in new-york city would make the game a little to much like my favorite game of all time, prototype
same venues, not working for me
#13 FRANCE!! Averay 2011-02-08 21:03
Speaks for itself, I want a dynamic sexy french assassin!
#14 LONDON, FRANCE OR JAPAN Steven M 2011-02-08 21:09
There are so many little gaps that still have to be filled in! Queen Victoria had a POE? So did Joan of Arc? I would love to play in France and have Joanne D'arc as an ally character!
To bring it to the future would almost be a mistake in my opinion! I play Assassin's Creed to see settings that are rarely, if not never, seen in games before!

When I played AC1 for the first time, the atmosphere of the 12th century was amazing! When in Acre, I felt like I was in a plague ridden city that was dark and corrupt. Beautiful!
Same with AC2! Aside from the dark city of Forli, the cities were beautiful and extravagant!

Rome was decent, but too friendly feeling. I didn't feel like an outsider like you do in AC1 or AC2. But the story was alright.

Anyways! Yeah! London would be amazing! Although I wish there was more connectivity with citizen AI in the game. I feel like in AC games, there's still a separation from your character and the whole crowd. I'm not sure how Ubisoft could change that, but we'll see!

Also, I wish Eagle Vision was different and that finding objectives were slightly a task instead of just running to them! It'd be cool if you got info on where you were needed to go and once you got there, you use observational skills to start missions (you see someone get attacked, i dunno...) or find whoever you are looking for (instead of a guy just standing there in a big white column.) I understand that we're "in an animus", but being inside an animus shouldn't take away all the difficulty. I actually read that ubisoft wasn't planning to have a compass in the first game, which would have been sweet because you'd actually have to listen to the Info Guy before starting your mission.

ANYWAYS! I hope Ubisoft makes the RIGHT choice and takes their time with this game (AS IN TWO YEARS LIKE A NORMAL GAME).

Brotherhood was good, but it felt sloppily put together and I know its because they wanted their multiplayer out and just for money. I really hope they don't start milking the series. It'll probably ruin it. Seriously though, a new engine/set up would be nice! And less pop-in. :(

And Max has a good point! They probably can shove London and Paris in the same game if they really wanted. Although I think having firearms takes away from the stealth BIG TIME!

I have so many little things to point out. But all-in-all, I do love this game series and understand that an open-world takes up a lot of space. But I really feel like AC isn't the sandbox game it can be. Maybe if it was like an MMO and there were clans in a city? Not sure. And don't get mad or anything for saying that. I'm not some MMO fan or anything, I actually never played any before. Just a thought.

Well, that's my two cents worth! Can't wait for the next game Ubisoft!
#15 Tradition wrigley 2011-02-08 21:11
I think that present day, and even nazi germany is far too big of a time jump. i definitely like the idea of london/paris, and asia. I think they need to keep it before the technology would change the gameplay. overall I like the future this series has and i am definitely down to play at least 5, maybe 10 more of these games as long as the story and characters are just as good as they have been in the past.
#16 AH! Steven M 2011-02-08 21:11
#17 Assassin Creed Peppysioux 2011-02-08 21:22
Feudal Japan...Imperial China sound like good paths to go down....Assassin Creed is a great story...I have all the games...
#18 RE: 9 potential new epochs for the Assassin's Creed franchise Lemon 2011-02-08 21:24
I think ubisoft has it's own plan for the game, simply the way they set everything up in acb allows me to think they are going to do more with Desmond in mondernday against abstergo. Now that Desmond knows how to get around and fight like an assassin he is more than capable to handle his own game at this point. I think they will make it so Desmond finds the apple
And he can use it aganst vidic. A friend of mine even thinks Desmond is altiar that the apple made altiar immortal and every century he forgets everything and has to get new memorys. Kinda absurd but not impossible.
#19 London or Japan! AdamBourke 2011-02-08 21:27
I like the idea of the next game being set in my home-country (England), and london would be a great place to explore - and there are some other cities in the UK too - Edinburgh, York, Durham which would be great for climbing up cathedrals etc. So I would think this could work really well.

But I love Japan. It's an amazing culture. I would love to see a good game here - and Assassin's creed Is always a good game. The only proplem I foresee is that I don't think they made really tall buildings in Japan until recently... Except the palaces - but I'm pretty sure they were a minority. But perhaps there would be a way around that...
#20 RE: 9 potential new epochs for the Assassin's Creed franchise Nadine 2011-02-08 21:31
Ich werde niemals genug von der Vielfalt von Assassins creed bekommen. Da ich mich nur schwer entscheiden konnte hier meine Favoriten: London, Frankreich, Alte Völker (Maya, Inka, Ägypten) und Nazi Deutschland. All diese Geschehnisse waren absolut prägend (ok, das waren ausnahmslos eh alle, aber man muss sich ja auch mal entscheiden) Mir juckt es jetzt schon in den Fingern, ganz egal welche Epoche es wird.
Aber, was ich so gern im nächsten Teil hätte, wäre die Chance, die Story im 2 Player Modus zu absolvieren. Mit einem verbündeten Assassinen, vielleicht aus dem geschichtlichen Hintergrund von Lucy?! Würde auch Sinn ergeben. Oder die Option online im 2 Player Modus zu spielen (wie z.B. bei Resident Evil 5)
Ich denke, die Idee mit der Gegenwart lässt sich jederzeit in zukünftige AC Teile einbauen. Desmond braucht definitiv auch ein paar Aufgaben, aber meiner Meinung nach sollte der Sprung in die Vergangenheit IMMER dabei sein. Dass heißt: Eine Fortsetzung ALLEIN in der Gegenwart würde meiner Meinung nach die Seele von AC zerstören! Aber ich habe volles Vertrauen in euch. Ihr wisst am Besten, worauf es ankommt. Dafür lieben wir euch!
#21 Concerns and "Complaints", but Hope Lies Within Maesenko 2011-02-08 21:38
*sigh* time to make something TL;DR for people...I'm going to break down my opinion of EACH option.

Option 1: London - This option would work well for the AC Franchise, I feel. Given the slew of information available, plus the mixture of intrigue and mystery surrounding various individuals, this could work out well. My only concern is the foolish cheering section for Jack the Ripper and Steampunk. NO. STEAMPUNK.

Option 2: Feudal Japan - While we know that there have existed Japanese Assassins (quite likely linked to the Ninja directly), this would not work for Desmond's story. This is not to say that there could not be a good AC story in Japan; it just would not work for Desmond's ancestry. It would make a good side story or a new assassin, but not Desmond.

Option 3: Revolution France - I feel this would make a great addition to the AC franchise, especially for Desmond's line; it would work for his progression, plus the cast of characters would make a great story. I can already see the assassin breaking into the Bastille. However, I do have concern over when it would focus: Marie Antoinette time or Napoleon? Having both would overstretch the time frame.

Option 4: Russia - Since the side comic The Fall is already covering part of Russia, I feel no need for this to be a part of the Desmond line unless it is either one of his last ancestors OR Desmond visits multiple locations throughout the world in an effort to gather the other pieces.

Option 5: ~1776 America - This concerns me for two reasons:one, most of the founding father were Freemasons, who historically have closer ties to Templar than the Assassins. Two, the prevalence of guns and open warfare would have to play out more akin to the Project Legacy Christmas piece in WWI. Furthermore, there simply weren't enough deaths of key figures in this time to make a good story, unless they WERE killed and replaced with look-alikes.

Option 6: Ancient Civ. - NO. Just NO. This would deal too openly with The Ones who Came Before, so an Animus option simply wouldn't work, given Altair was their first Assassin. This would only work in regards to the method I mentioned back up in Russia; Desmond traveling to these locales. Not to say this wouldn't make a great ENDING, but it would not work for anything else.

Option 7: Nazi Germany - Again, NO. Those who recall from the Subject 16 pieces, it was already mentioned that Hitler was defeated and a POE was taken from there. It did not say WHO took it, IIRC, but it was already mentioned in passing, and therefore is unlikely to happen. Also, that much gun-fare is a BIG no-no for the AC line.

Option 8: Imperial China - I am discrediting this as an option for similar reasons as Japan. There is simply not enough bloodline option. I do have other reasons, however. I agree with the Article that China may be too vast, and that the Great Wall would be a great location. HOWEVER, the article also states the timeline would be to vast in any one period, and martial arts may be a bit too out there for the AC line, which functions more like Parkour than Kung Fu.

Option 9: Modern Day NYC - I am concerned with the prevalence of firearms, and worried there would be too much gunkata for this story. NYC would only work if this is Desmond's episode, like the article said, but as far as being a midpoint, it is far too late into the future/present to work well.

I agree that many of these would make for goo side stories or full stories for another assassin, but we must remember that it is DESMOND we are also focusing on, not just his ancestors. I do feel that the best leap next would be something in the late 1700s, seeing how we have begun in late 1100s, followed by late 1400s into early 1500s.
I have many further opinions regarding the story options for the future of the franchise, as well as the options regarding the ones proposed in the article, but given how I basically wrote my own article here, I'd rather not overstay my welcome any further.
#22 Ugh! Amanda 2011-02-08 21:49
Marie Antoinette NEVER SAID "let them eat cake". Please, if you're going to speak of history, SPEAK CORRECTLY ...
#23 urrghhh!! Hippy 2011-02-08 22:00
Quoting Amanda:
Marie Antoinette NEVER SAID "let them eat cake". Please, if you're going to speak of history, SPEAK CORRECTLY ...

Anal much??
#24 FRANCE! Allyson 2011-02-08 22:27
Definately france...! I could definately see Enjolras from Les Miserables being a potential Assassin :) though a slightly later time period...
#25 RE: 9 potential new epochs for the Assassin's Creed franchise Simowitz 2011-02-08 22:27
London/France would be a great place to visit in this game. I guess Fuedal Japan or china would work. But maybe an ancestor from another country would have to go there or something because having an asian ancestor would be pushing it. But London/France would definitely work. Modern day would be way too soon and too big of a leap forward and i don't want Assassins Creed to be a GTA wannabe. They should definitely squeeze in more participation for Desmond though. Maybe a little background or something.
#26 RE: 9 potential new epochs for the Assassin's Creed franchise Chris Morgan 2011-02-08 22:33
From Wikipedia:


The quotation, as attributed to Marie Antoinette, was claimed to have been uttered during one of the famines that occurred in France during the reign of her husband Louis XVI. Upon being alerted that the people were suffering due to widespread bread shortages, the Queen is said to have replied, "Then let them eat brioche."[4] Although the phrase was seldom cited by opponents of the monarchy at the time of the French Revolution, it did acquire great symbolic importance in subsequent histories when pro-revolutionary historians sought to demonstrate the obliviousness and selfishness of the French upper-classes at that time. As one biographer of the Queen notes, it was a particularly useful phrase to cite because "the staple food of the French peasantry and the working class was bread, absorbing 50 per cent of their income, as opposed to 5 per cent on fuel; the whole topic of bread was therefore the result of obsessional national interest."[5]
However, there is no evidence that Queen Marie-Antoinette ever uttered this phrase and substantial evidence that she did not. Objections to the legend of Marie-Antoinette and the cake/brioche centre on arguments concerning the real queen's personality, internal evidence from members of the French royal family, the date of the saying's origin and its frequent citation in works pre-dating Marie-Antoinette's life. For example, the Queen's best-selling English-language biographer, Lady Antonia Fraser, wrote in 2002:
"[Let them eat cake] was said 100 years before her by Marie-Thérèse, the wife of Louis XIV. It was a callous and ignorant statement and she, Marie Antoinette, was neither."[6]
Author Vincent Cronin also agrees that Marie-Thérese made the statement, and not Marie Antoinette.[7]

Perhas I should've made myself clearer. I'm not saying she did say it, the point is, EVERYONE in France believed she did - and that certainly did cement her fate.
#27 ancient gods Borna Recom 2011-02-08 22:33
I think that the best epoch is ancient civilizations. Because there is a very strange mix in Assassin's Creed franchise when it comes to gods. In this ancient epoch, when all sorts of different gods where "created", story could combine it with already mention gods in Assassin's Creed 2. And this epoch is very interesting, full of mystery and very little known to today's civilization.
#28 It better go to... A 2011-02-08 22:49
The New World. This includes the Spanish coming in and wiping out the Aztech/Mayan Empires. It HAS to go here. Then The American Revolution. Egypt and Japan would be cool and all, but not for the next one in the series. Maybe after Desmond's story ends...
#29 Guns aren't problematic! Nick 2011-02-08 23:00
How do you think that Templars gonna have information to kill the Assassins? By having information! So they have to capture the Assassins for information, not kill them with guns. Plus, the Assassins can kill their targets with hiden blades to scared the templars. What's more scaring? A dude just shooting a men or a dude who kill the men in his house, with a blade, with no sign of battle?
#30 London Eize 2011-02-08 23:11
I'd so love to see Assassins with a british accent, in london, or else japan with awesome katanas.
#31 Japan All the way! Draconisaurora 2011-02-08 23:23
I think that Japan would be a most welcome addition to the AC mythos, especially if they could place it during the war of the nine kingdoms. The main character could be a member of one of the royal families that is also one of the Assassin clans and they have save the country from some sort of power hungry despot and secure a piece of eden for Ezio to acquire later... So it would kind of be a prequel/spinoff although I suppose the character could technically be a ancestor of Ezio's....
#32 Things that Make you go HMMM Crye4Me 2011-02-09 02:27
Because I love the AC games I have a few opinions as to how the next game should be handled.

With how the first AC introduced Desmond to both bladed weapons and thrown weapons (throwing knives) the next logical procession was in ACII with the throwing knives and da Vinchi's hidden gun. And then in ACB with the gun, throwing knives and cross bow. its all leading up to teaching Desmond how to fight with today's weapons.

They should definatly concentrate more on Desmond and his story. Maybe have a small thing in the past because of how the end of ACB ended and by now I'm sure all of us knows how that ended. The next logical step should be Desmonds generation. We have to find out where the temples are and we only have so much time to do it.

As for some peoples claims that bringing modern weapons into the game well its still the same we would only have access to certain weapons as the same as the other 3 games. Batons like Abstergo uses, the hidden blade, poison, and knives, are just to name a few off the top of my head. There are many different things you can do without using the guns of modern times. Remember secret organization hiding in the shadows. Wouldn't nessisarily want to draw notice to themselves. As Abstergo wouldn't want to draw attention to themselves.

Weapons stores instead of blacksmiths. Clothing shops instead of tailors. More use of the NPC's to translate for things like making poison and such. The ability to hide would be an assasin's greatest friend and not needing the animus would be a bonus.

In the end of ACB we saw some definate cliffhanger items that make me believe that not only is the next game going to be just as fantastic as we've come to expect but that the next game will be a more Desmond centric game.

They tried hard to make ACB more Desmond centric but I don't agree that it worked as well. to be a more centric character you need to have that character be playable for more that 10-15% of the game more like 90-100 % or the game. We all know that the series is all about Desmond and with the end of ACB the next game can not be anything but.

Abd before anyone screams at me remember this is only my opinion based on my observations. Nothing more nothing less.
#33 Ancient Civilisations Easterling 2011-02-09 02:40
I think an Assassin's Creed based in the Ancient world would be fantastic!
Especially Ancient Egypt..We already know that an assassin killed Cleopatra in AC II
Number 6 all the way!! There is so much to work with there.
#34 Russia Chris 2011-02-09 02:43
Russia would be perfect. It would cool to have it in the period where the comics take place. Like right on the borderline of gun/blade usage. I can just picture the snowy city and walking around in that awesome outfit Nikolai wears.
#35 London/France Jimmy 2011-02-09 03:33
Well towards the end of the Renaissance Leonardo left Italy to go to France. And if you paid enough attention to the story line they talked about other assassins being in France. It would be cool if they did where desmond and Ezio were in France at the same time. But different Eras. Modern day France and then France before the Napoleon Era. The UbiSoft crew said that they are having a new character supposedly instead of Ezio but i am sure there would be a cameo or Ezio is training another. But they are saying that it will be BIGGER than the last one, So I could see them jumping all over Europe to different countries such as Spain, England, Germany, and even the United States. But they also say that they wont release a game in 2011. Bummer I know. SO lets wait and see!!!!
#36 Third Party Characters The Jack of Spades 2011-02-09 08:22
The first thing I thought of when I thought of past London was Sherlock Holmes. Forgive my lack of historical knowledge. But I thought that it would be a very interesting character to interact with. He doesn't interact with actual history at all, but Assassin's creed may be able to take some creative license as they did with Leonardo DaVinci. What does everyone think about this idea?
#37 Ancient Civilizations!! ! Johnny 2011-02-09 11:10
number 6: ancient civilizations!! !

Egypt and sumerians will be cool!

#38 Return with ALTAIR - The first hero!!! Gary Sommerrs Ahad 2011-02-09 13:06
Return with Altair... The first person!

and a choose number 6! Ancient civilizations!! !

best franchise ever made!!
#39 the Samurai AssAssins 2011-02-09 13:11
2. Japan the Samurai thats will be a beautiful game
#40 the Samurai AssAssins 2011-02-09 13:21
number 2 in Japan
#41 Ancient Civilizations, Of Course!!! Jay Santos Billard 2011-02-09 13:40
I choose Ancient Civilizations. the number 6 of the list!

i agree with others... ALTAIR should be return!!! will be AMAZING!
#42 JAPAN! or maybe Nazi Germany!! Bidam 2011-02-09 14:50
I would prefer Japan. But I think Nazi Germany would interest me a lot too! I just don't like the thought that in more modern epochs Altair or Ezio or any other assassin wouldn't be carrying a sword or other antique weapons. But I don't mind a change ^^
#43 RE: 9 potential new epochs for the Assassin's Creed franchise France ftw 2011-02-09 15:02
I'd say revolutionary france is the best one and on the 2. place is London and Feudal Japan
#44 Assassins Creed epoch Franze 2011-02-09 15:06
well i think it should be like the games before. idc if its in italy again, but i wouldnt like a modern time assassin wo runs around with swords and hidden daggers while other guys use guns. and i dont wanna play an assassin with a sniper rifle...
i think france or london are best.
return of altair would be interesting too or maybe ezios relatives...
#45 Nazi Germany Hauke 2011-02-09 15:40
Assassins on D-Day or Stalingrad , lol? xD

Feudal Japan
Naruto as A Assassins
#46 Where did the Assassins settle down Thomas May 2011-02-09 18:02
These ideas are really pretty - even those concerning the Near & Far East. But as I have the history of Assassins in mind and the One's who get fought from Beginning on - the Templars - they spreaded mainly in the Western World. A great bonus of all AC parts was the near connection to history and in this sense none of the Eastern ideas would be a consequent sequel.

But the ideas I've had already before this list were also in C. Morgan's mind. If I should take a decision, I'd prefer another FEW parts.

Starting up with No 3 as democracy got born into the European World. I estimate this to be a rich process with all the connections and also fights behind the masks between Church and Monarchy longing for the overweight in power. To me it would be the most possible sequel because it was a phase which grew steadily and found its explosion within the Revolution. Nothing else could beat this settlement until that time.

After that the British Empire and its development as well as the Civil War and finally Independent America could be connected chapter like AC2 & Brotherhood. This in front of the idea, that these times followed on the French Revolution as a time where Human learned to cope with this thing called democracy, freedom of being, freedom of speech and where the old structures survived more and more hidden.

How the World evaluated under the Nazi influence would be interesting after that and the Absolute Final should take place in New York.
#47 Modern Day AC 2011-02-09 18:38
Desmond Miles in the Modern-Times would be the actual next step, Assassin's Creed III. As we all know, he is the main character in the series; everything starts and ends with him.

Whether or not New York, instead several different locations.
Another character (other than Desmond) would just make the next game a type of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, which is complementary to the series but with a non-absolute ending.
#48 All amazing Amanda Whittaker 2011-02-09 19:43
All amazing ideas. Really like the idea of one set in Russia or England though. Obviously becaus eI live in England it would be great to play through our history, but i'm also fascinated by Russian history and think it would provide great storylines!! As I said before though I really would enjoy any of those!! Can't wait for the next game!
#49 So AC was a bad game? Thorgan 2011-02-09 20:30
I'm pretty sure you play the first game after you complete AC2... ¨a buggy, premature release and gameplay that was shockingly repetitive and monotonous¨ WTF is wrong with you?... at the time of its release the game was nothing more than BRILLIANT.

Haven't you heard about all the prizes it won back in 2007-2008? c'mon...
#50 RE: 9 potential new epochs for the Assassin's Creed franchise Somthing 2011-02-09 23:04
Why not just do all of them
#51 Best Game Ever! John Tenas 2011-02-09 23:12
This game is fanstastic... my favorite story is from the game Assassins Creed 1... Altair is the great character of the game!

because this... i prefer ancient civilizations... [6]
#52 Back Altair John Tenas 2011-02-09 23:34
Back Altair!!!
#53 What if Neerg Link 2011-02-10 05:08
What if Desmond went onto New York Trying to take down Abstergo and then right in the middle goes into a coma caused by his "Bleeding Affect" and helps finish Altair's story on what he did with the "Apple of Eden" after bloodline. I personally would like to play as Altair again and think his story ended too soon.
#54 Back Altair Forever John Tenas 2011-02-10 06:35
Great Warrior Ever, Altair ibn la-Ahad!!!
#55 RE: 9 potential new epochs for the Assassin's Creed franchise Pholios 2011-02-10 11:51
All the alternative sound great, but not Nazi Germany. >.
#56 No guns >. Pholios 2011-02-10 12:02
Please no guns is anfair okey..
#57 Tough choice Sammicrowgirl 2011-02-11 00:44
I gotta say, either France, England, America, NYC, or Nazi Germany. We already know through Project Legacy's Holiday collection of memories that an Assassin was working as a medic, bore a ring scar around his left ring finger, and killed a Templar German General with a hidden blade that was up his sleeve. And if you want to exclude Project Legacy (Which I believe is Ubi's way of sending out feelers on what will and will not excite the public) then I still vote for all for the above. I wanted to see AC move to Germany, just to run across the structures there!
#58 Assassin Creed Bill 2011-02-11 04:06
I think they should make all of them except maybe american revolution or americanhistory i would buy them but save new york present for a finale britain france germany russia definitely cool
#59 Pattern RupeeLord 2011-02-12 08:10
Wherever it takes place, it has to have some sort of religious connection

AC = Holy Land
ACII = Italy, where the Vatican is.

My personal opinion would be revolutionary France. Although there wouldn't be any Eiffel Tower to climb, the Notre Dame could be the main landmark of the city, and also would be ACIIIs answer to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in AC and the Duomo in ACII.

Plus, if the time period were to go any further during France, the city would be too big to make it standard size, and the entire game would have to take place in one city again. And besides, the AC game's always shrink down their landmarks, so you would probably get disappointed with a scaled down version of the tower.

As for other possible ideas, I would like to see another game with Altair, preferably during the Fourth Crusade in Constantinople. After all, Altair did say he would come to other people's aid should another crusade were to be launched.

As for a modern-era game, I would say no. I don't think cars and automatic guns would fit well in an AC game. Plus, there's a whole bunch of people who don't really like Desmond very much, or at least his side-plot.

Also, for the Ancient Rome setting, that time period was very different from Borgia Rome, so it would also be interesting (and we would see a life-sized Colosseum as well).
#60 AnOdd1 Elitemassacre6 2011-05-12 23:43
the only thing I think would be a minor problem in modern day anywhere is one of my favorite part of the Assassins Creed games...the viewpoints, and the falls into hay. How would they update that into a modern city? I think that's an interesting point, and I'm very excited to find out; if they go to a modern setting, how they wouldbring about that change.
#61 AnOdd1 Elitemassacre6 2011-05-12 23:47
You know, perhaps a combination of the two; Nazi Germany and Revolutionary France. Nazi Occupied Paris is a potential goldmine. If you think about the High ranking Nazi's in the area (Templars) and perhaps the nazis occupying space underneath the city, in the catacombs, hiding things there and all that. Idea.
#62 AnOdd1 Elitemassacre6 2011-05-12 23:50
Quoting Thorgan:
I'm pretty sure you play the first game after you complete AC2... ¨a buggy, premature release and gameplay that was shockingly repetitive and monotonous¨ WTF is wrong with you?... at the time of its release the game was nothing more than BRILLIANT.

Haven't you heard about all the prizes it won back in 2007-2008? c'mon...

True, it won prizes and things, but that is because at the time, the game was revolutionary and a new concept to gamers. But honestly, if you played AC2 first, and went back, as i did, it felt limited and redundant. But I still loved it.

Because of that, Yea i would like to posssibly see another Altair game. One without those problems, and with all that was right in all the AC games so far.
#63 An Idea for Modern New York Elitemassacre6 2011-05-13 00:00
So I know we've all been worried about the gun aspect of a possible modern setting. So I think that perhaps we should think about alternate weapons that are used today in place of guns. Like compound, long, or recurve bows. Crossbows, tomohawks, ballistic knives, tazers, and the like. I think if we think of it like that, the modern setting becomes more interesting.
#64 stealth and guns AnOdd2 2011-05-13 01:20
To be honest, having guns doesn't really take away from the stealth. think about my other favorite Ubisoft game, splintercell. There are a couple, select suppressed and therefore steathly guns used in that game and it's stealthy. Though the last thing i want is be playing AC and feel like I'm playing Splinter Cell. I love each game for unique reasons. anyway, just a thought about the guns
#65 RE: 9 potential new epochs for the Assassin's Creed franchise luis 2011-08-30 02:41
Quoting Elitemassacre6:
So I know we've all been worried about the gun aspect of a possible modern setting. So I think that perhaps we should think about alternate weapons that are used today in place of guns. Like compound, long, or recurve bows. Crossbows, tomohawks, ballistic knives, tazers, and the like. I think if we think of it like that, the modern setting becomes more interesting.

but why would you play the second game and then start on the first? that's pretty stupid
#66 RE: 9 potential new epochs for the Assassin's Creed franchise Floyd Gilmour 2012-02-14 22:15
I would love to see London in AC3. I would REALLY love to assassinate Jack the Ripper, that would be a neat storyline.

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