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The tenner that's worth considerably more than a real tenner...

What's David Tennant worth?

Doctor Who has always been willing to try new things. But in 2006, they went even further than normal and came up with their own bank notes for the special The Runaway Bride, with David Tennant and Catherine Tate.

Bearing the face of arguably the best Doctor ever, David Tennant (fans of his first screen break, Takin’ Over the Asylum, will not have been surprised, as they already had him labelled as a great talent), thousands of ten pound notes were produced for the episode where a cash machine went crazy and started spewing out a fortune in cash.

The face on the money was all in the name of a storyline, of course. And a legal requirement that the money could not be mistaken for the real thing. As if that would happen. The Royal Mint in Britain would never be as cool as to feature a fictional, cultural icon on their cash.

The £10 notes with the Time Lord's face read: ‘I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of 10 Satsumas. No second chances - I'm that sort of man.’ The notes were labelled with the fictitious ‘London Credit Bank.’ The use of ‘Satsuma’ was a reference to the piece of fruit The Doctor found in his pocket in his first full episode, ‘The Christmas invasion.’

David Tennant stumbles across a Satsuma in 'The Christmas Invasion'

Someone lucky enough to be able to watch Tennant’s tenners (tenner is slang for ten pounds in Britain) in action, told ‘From a distance they almost look like real notes but you'd never be able to use them in the pub.’ Bet some people did try. In addition to Tennant, producer Phil Collinson appeared on £20 notes. The Tennant cash can sell for many times its stated value and as well as Tennant, the notes feature the TARDIS and are described as ‘feeling like real money.’

Doctor Who isn’t the only show to come up with its own dosh. Recently another sci-fi cult show Fringe joined the party and made more than a few people’s dreams come true.

In the first instalment of the excellent season two finale of Fringe, ‘Over There,’ we had the tantalising sight of Martin Luther King on the twenty dollar bill and Richard Nixon on the dollar coin (ironically, the shamed former President will appear on a dollar coin produced by the US Mint in 2016).

Martin Luther King makes the twenty dollar bill in 'Fringe'

In the alternate universe Olivia found herself in, Nixon had beaten John F Kennedy to the Presidency. Surely that’s taking science fiction too far?

On a lighter note, over at The Office, Dwight Shrute came up with the ‘Shrute Buck,’ which was basically just a sheet-sized dollar bill with his face in the middle). In ‘The Job’, the seriously weird super-sales-man offered them to employees who pleased him in his brief reign as branch manager.

 The 'Schrute Buck' in 'The Office'

When asked ‘the cash value’ of a Shrute Buck by Pam, he replied ‘1/100th of a cent.’

In retaliation, dismissive Stanley came up with ‘Stanley nickels’ promising Dwight ‘a billion’ if he never talked to him again.

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