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The Event s1e10 review


A missile is launched and a file is mysteriously unburnt...

The Event S1 E10

“Everything Will Change”

Sophia finds out that Thomas is hiding money from her, so Thomas and Isabelle head for the hills to execute their endgame – launching a missile within range of the US West Coast. The President and Creepy scramble to stop the launch, but can’t, only to find out that it’s not a missile at all, it’s a satellite. A communications satellite, facing the wrong way. But who would they be talking to… aha! ET just phoned home!

Sean and Leila head off to the mental hospital where the girls are being held; or were - the bad guys moved about five minutes before they got there. All of the files in the basement were burned, except for the only two relevant ones, with pictures dating back to the 1940’s, of the subjects not aging.

After a weird, alien tea ceremony with Sophia, Thomas and Isabelle decide that Sophia is way too creepy and way too onto them as well. They decide to hit the road immediately to execute their endgame, talking about how many people are going to die. Cue evil laugh! Mwah ha ha! Thomas and Isabelle head off to oversee the launch of a missile on a laptop with an excellent graphics card. The President and Creepy are watching the missile launch as well, as the missile is within range of the US and may be carrying a nuclear payload.

There’s some pointless side-story as Simon tries to track down Thomas’ extra money and finds his murdered accountant instead. A broken picture frame with an intact picture of the accountant with Thomas foreshadows the unburnt burnt files in the hospital at the end of the show.

Anyway, if Simon had just hung out at work at the White House instead of screwing off all over town drinking alien tea and finding murdered accountants he would know that Thomas had spent his money burying a missile in Amalah.

The best line of the night was when Creepy Sterling discovered that the missile was planted by a fake company, whose board of directors names are the same as the prisoners in Inostranka. Creepy says, “This is basically like a raised middle finger,” and the audience is stunned – who knew Creepy could see through the TV? Because that is what I’m doing right now. The best visual was Isabelle, walking with a limp, but in a slinky way. She hugs Thomas in her limping, slinky way and says, "We did it, now everything will change."

The missile launches, but there’s no radiation! And it’s not headed for the US! Instead, it goes straight up into space, where it transforms into a communications satellite… facing the wrong way. They must be talking to someone… else?

"Hey, when Leila’s dad was held in the CDC, with the other plane crash and mysterious illness victims, didn’t they run any blood tests on him?"

Sean and Leila have tackled the assassin from Dempsey in the corn field, having just realized he was after Leila and not little old Abby. Anyway, Sean can’t bring himself to shoot the assassin in cold blood, but finds a loophole in his moral code that allows him to stab him in the neck with a big ol’syringe full of mystery powder, which ages him instantly. To death. Because that is way better than shooting… (?).

Before he dies, the assassin directs Sean and Leila to Willow Brook hospital. They get into the hospital under false pretenses, and a crazy guy directs them to the basement in a crazy but believable way. So they break in again while a guard is out dumping the garbage. Hey, did they steal that idea from Sheldon?

They explore the basement, only to find that either the bad guys figured out that Sean and Leila were on their trail, or they lost their lease, because they are gone. Sean and Leila missed them by minutes, and find Leila’s name scratched into Samantha’s wall – wouldn’t she have scratched her own name, though? In the grand tradition of prisoners everywhere? They find the file room where all the files have been burned to ashes except the two relevant to themselves – Abby’s dad and Michael Buchanan. Both files have pictures of the men, dating back to the 1940’s, showing that the men don’t age. But that would mean... Leila’s dad? An alien? Hey, when Leila’s dad was held in the CDC, with the other plane crash and mysterious illness victims, didn’t they run any blood tests on him?

And The Event is now on hiatus till February! Merry Christmas to all!


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