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The Event S1E9 review


Corporate lawyers are evil, alien corporate lawyers more so ...

"Your World To Take"

A thousand or so free aliens meet in a Ramada Inn conference room to see Sophia, and to let her know that mostly they do not want to go home.  When Sophia insists, Thomas and his lov-ah Isabelle decide to shoot Sophia, then don't go through with it, surprising no one. Thomas doesn't go through with stuff, ever. One of the little girls kidnapped and held with Leila's sister escapes, and Sean and Leila try to question her but don't get much information before an assassin shows up with a bullet and a syringe intended for...Leila; not the little girl. VP Jarvis survived the car bomb but before confessing everything to the President, his wife tells him that she and their children have been threatened by Dempsey's agents. And unlike Thomas, Dempsey does go through with stuff, often. Jarvis wavers, again.

"If Thomas helped humans discover nuclear energy, you'd think he'd make better use of teleconferencing equipment."

Aliens all over, in a variety of different jobs, receive the same text message and meet up in a corporate-type building to give Sophia a standing ovation, and there's at least a thousand of them. And they all must work within a 20-minute drive of this building since they all showed up in person. If Thomas helped humans discover nuclear energy, you'd think he'd make better use of teleconferencing equipment. They still need raw materials and components from the original ship to go back home but it turns out that most of the aliens don't really want to go home. Apparently they left their home planet for a reason - it sucked. Sophia says they have to go back and figure it out, because staying will endanger humans and they swore an oath against harming benevolent people, or something.

She insists and Thomas leaves for a business meeting - a dirty, dirty business meeting with his Lady MacBeth, an alien named Isabelle who is also a corporate lawyer, who is also plotting with Thomas to kill Sophia. That will teach Sophia to want to go home after 60-odd years of imprisonment. They plan to kill Sophia after she retrieves the module - hey, if Thomas and Isabelle don't want to return to their planet, why do they need the module? Anyone?

After lots of talking between Thomas and Isabelle, and Thomas and Sophia, she gets the module and Thomas pulls the gun and hey, he doesn't go through with it. Are you surprised? After the plot to crash the plane into the President - oh, he didn't do that one. But what about when he killed the passengers after the crash - oh no, they woke up from that. But then he was totally going to kill the same people with the weird flu, right? But he didn't, not even one. I'm not saying that those passengers weren't suffering, but when Thomas cries and crumbles in front of Sophia instead of shooting her like he promised, well, it's just not a surprise. More of a surprise is when Sophia confronts Isabelle, and tells her that in order to prove her loyalty Isabelle will have to shoot herself in the knee. And she does. And Thomas watches.

"Sean runs and tackles really well for someone who almost died of a gunshot wound last week. Maybe he's an alien too."

Sean and Leila get a tip from their friendly FBI agent – one of the little girls from their ‘kidnapped’ list escaped and is at home in Oklahoma. Sean and Leila go, hoping to find a clue to Samantha’s whereabouts. They follow the family to a rest stop (totally normal) and Leila corners the mom and Abby in the bathroom, (not uncomfortable at all) where she finds out that Abby and her sister were held together at some hospital place. An assassin sent by Hal Holbrook is following them as well and gives chase.  Sean and Leila run through a corn field with Abby's mom and Abby, trying to lose the bad guy. Sean runs and tackles really well for someone who almost died of a gunshot wound last week.

Maybe he's an alien too. Sean gets choked almost to death, bashes the assassin with a rock, and finds a 'kill this girl' flyer in the guy's pocket with a picture of Leila, not the Abby. If Dempsey sent the assassin after Leila, then he shot Abby's dad because he was a witness. To what, though? Nothing had happened yet.

Finally, VP Jarvis wakes up in the hospital and is ready to confess everything to the President, but his wife tells him he has to keep his mouth shut, because she and their children were threatened by a couple of bad guys at their home. She is aware that her husband was injured in a car bombing, right? I would think that their vulnerability was demonstrated much better by the fact that her husband got blown up in front of his Secret Service agents than by the fact that two guys know the names of their children. It's the vice president of the country; it's fairly certain that all of his personal information is public information. Anyway, Jarvis seems stunned and may not give Dempsey up to the President after all. Seriously?

It was kind of fun to see Thomas unmanned again, even if it was unsurprising. The Jarvis thing is ridiculous though - of course his family is being threatened. His car was bombed, for crying out loud. It's nice that Sean is back saving random people again, too. (He's the hero, did you know?) Next week is the fall finale, then the show goes on hiatus for a couple of months. Because that works so well for sci-fi serial dramas with conspiracy theories, flashbacks and too many characters (see also: FlashForward.)


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