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Top 10 Family Guy cutscenes and adverts


For those that like to slaughter sacred cows with an Uzi, this is the place to be...

Top 10 Family Guy cut scenes

Back in 1998, an adventurous and ultimately optimistic Seth MacFarlane began the long and arduous walk to the offices of media giants the Fox Broadcasting Company. Accompanied by nothing more than his charismatic personality and a 15 minute pitch episode of “Family Guy”, his latest animated vision, MacFarlane knew that any further success would depend entirely on how the audience received the pitch. Thankfully, following the episodes airing on the 20th December 1998, MacFarlane and Family Guy were given the green light, with Fox commissioning a full, seven-episode first season with which to experiment with. The rest, as they say, is history and Family Guy subsequently developed into the amoral, provocatively addictive series that we now know. Here are the top ten cut-scenes which have defined the series...but do you agree?

10: A lesson that the Rap community could learn from.

Why does rap have to be offensive? Between the ‘hoes’ and ‘gangsters’, it’s easy to forget that Rap rose to prominence from the voice of an enslaved generation. Following on from the foundations the Blues had established, Rap became the music of choice of a modern African-American community and now finds itself as one of the most predominant music styles of the 21st century.

However, as Family Guy shows, there are always exceptions to the general conformity of that style, and Will Smith happens to be the non-conformant in question; this hilarious example of his squeaky-clean rap can’t help but make us smile.

Seen in: Season six, episode eight, “McStroke”

9: Don’t happy.

Best known for his 1988 hit song, “Don’t worry, be happy”, Bobby McFerrin is to Jazz and Reggae what Madonna is to pop music - a global icon. With one of the most influential and unique singing styles that has ever been heard, McFerrin has received much praise for his work on a global scale, earning the status of a ten-time Grammy Award winner in the process.

However, what would happen if this individual, best known for his natural freestyle and improvisation, were to fall down a flight of stairs? Thanks to Family Guy, we no longer have to ponder the matter...

Seen in: Season four, episode 17, “The Fat Guy Strangler”

8: Black Jesus

Just over a year ago, I remember reading an article in the Daily Mail stating that evidence had been found to suggest that Jesus was in fact a black female - a long way from the bearded Caucasian that 1.3 billion Catholics have been worshipping. Now, while the story was yet another of the Daily Mail’s regularly enlightening articles (not long after, they accused her of causing cancer), it was totally ridiculous. However, it got me thinking; surely Jesus could have looked like anyone or anything...?Here, Family Guy suggests a messiah with a little more attitude. Personally, I would like Jesus to have a sort of Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty feel...

Seen in: Season eight, episode seven, “Jerome Is the New Black”



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