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The Event S1E7 review


Right, notebooks open...are you listening at the back, Smith?

The Event - 'I Know Who You Are'

"I Know Who You Are"

Simon Lee survived the building collapse, hooray! But is strongly suspected of being an informant, or maybe even an alien, boo! Plus discovery looms as soon as Murphy gets out of the trunk Simon put him in. We get some insight into Creepy Sterling’s past history, and we find out that he’s crazy paranoid because his sweet wife was a Russian spy. And also, apparently creepy is hereditary because his dad is freaking me right out. Leila and Sean find a list of names and numbers in Michael’s attic, and the nutty journalist takes them to her nutty hacker friend who tells them it’s a list of missing little girls and LA-based shell corporations right before he explodes his apartment all up. We meet Vicky and the CPA assassins’ boss, and it’s Hal Holbrook. ( Hi, Hal!) Sophia is Thomas’ mother, Simon is issued a reprieve from discovery, and the little girls who were missing have been horribly disfigured by what appears to be a terrible makeup job.

In the beginning, the President decides that Sterling is in big trouble and must find the mole and flashback! Fourteen years ago Creepy was young, and in love. Still creepy though, and apparently subject to some major daddy issues. His sweet, 7th-grade teacher wife is a Russian spy, and his dad is the one that tells him, and tells him to bring her in. I would have thought that this kind of thing would destroy your chances at a political career. But when he goes home to his wife and offers her escape to Buenos Aires and she runs, his Dad shoots her and passes the blame (glory?) to his son. Gross and disturbing.

The CPA assassin, last seen being tortured by Agent Claire and Leila, calls his boss from a secure line in an office – the guy he calls is Hal Holbrook. I didn’t realize Mark Twain was so creepy, and such a bad-guy cliché! Rich, with an esoteric hobby (I wish it was breeding fricking sharks with fricking laser beams on their heads, but orchid breeding it is.) He calls in the SWAT team to get Sean and Leila, but they get away again.

Leila and Sean and the paranoid conspiracy theorist journalist with the shifty eyes find a bunch of names and numbers, and genius Sean is prepared to crack that code. He just needs some time, and space, and some more fleeing. They turn up with shifty Madeline at her friend the Hacker’s house, and Leila actually says, “Help me … you are my only hope.” And another bit of me dies inside. The Hacker takes some convincing, boringly, but eventually figures out that the names are names of little girls and the numbers are shell corporations. Then the bad guys arrive, Hacker blows his apartment to bits, and Sean and Leila are on the run again.

Sophia is upset with Thomas for acting like a bad guy. (News flash, Sophia, I’m pretty sure he actually *is* a bad guy. I’m just saying.) Thomas has an awesome loft and gets slapped right across the face by Sophia. She reestablishes herself as leader by convincing him that if it comes down to it, the group (not aliens by the way, the correct term is Ebies) will follow her instead, and he apologizes, “I’m sorry, Mother!” We also meet another free-Ebie – freebie? Aaron. If you ever wondered what the term lantern-jawed meant, now you know. Aaron is their other mole in the FBI and will keep them apprised of Simon’s recovery. We see Thomas at a lab facility, replacing samples in a spectrometer, and find he’s working at the hospital and replacing Simon’s samples. And coincidentally, he ends up in the same elevator as Creepy Sterling. It would have been awesome and uncomfortable, but it’s so poorly written and goes nowhere, so it’s just pointless. Without point. Yuck.

Simon Lee wakes up in the hospital with Creepy Sterling staring, creepily. He tells Simon that his samples passed the test, “Congratulations, you are human!” But we have a fingerprint match. (We get a teeny flashback to lantern-jawed Aaron lifting Murphy’s fingerprints from his car) and Sterling says that Murphy is the mole. (What happened to the fact that Simon hasn’t aged in ten years on the force? I think being creepy causes forgetfulness.)

Sophia is framed by an orchid (I wonder if Hal bred it?) Thomas saved Simon and Sophia thanks him, and they finally get down to business. Thomas tells Sophia that by working at Los Alamos he helped to get the rudimentary technology together to open a portal, but moving the airplane from Florida to Arizona is as far as they can get without more raw materials. They need to get more raw materials from nuclear warheads, but Thomas has a plan. I hope it’s as good as his other plans, which have been flawless.

The President and Creepy Sterling celebrate Murphy’s arrest by having a beer together. It’s Miller Time!

Leila’s sister is led down the hallway from The Shining to a room with a bunch of little girls who all have their backs to the door, and don’t turn around when it opens. Surely this won’t be a cliché too? Oh, dear, when they turn around they are all ancient, old, like Holbrookian. (Sorry, Hal!) It’s a terrible make up job, truly.

Next week, go back to the day it all started. Noooooooooooo!


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