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NY Comic Con: AMC's Walking Dead panel report


Gale Anne Hurd joined the cast and other producers of AMC's new zombie show at NY Comic Con...

The Crawling Dead?

From Nicky Ugrin at New York Comic Con 2010

Lots of enthusiasm from the filmmakers and cast at the panel for AMC's The Walking Dead. Both the source comic and the new show deal with the fate of a small group of survivors in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, with lead actor Andrew Lincoln playing a cop (well, he was a cop back when the world was policeable) who becomes the locus of an itinerant and desperate group of survivors travelling the USA in search of sanctuary and safety.

Jon Bernthal ('Shane') discussed how important it was that the series include and expand upon the backstory of the characters. Andrew Lincoln ('Rick Grimes') noted that the quality of the set design was fantastic, and talked about the scene where his character rides into Atlanta, for which the producers cleared several blocks, making it a very 'creepy' location to film in. He also pledged that the series keeps faith with the 2003 source material from Image Comics. Lincoln observed that the lonely status his character endures at the beginning of the show was quite hard, with the focus entirely on his character.

Actress Sarah Wayne Callies ('Lori') noted that the apocalyptic setting really polarized the characters, giving opportunities to be 'really good' or 'really bad'.

When asked how they themselves would cope in a zombie-plagued post-apocalypse world, Laurie Holden ('Andrea') said she'd 'fight like crazy', but Norman Reedus ('Daryl Dixon') said that he wouldn't do as well as his character in the show - 'I'm kind of a wuss!' Steven Yeun ('Glen') said he would probably do well, due to his natural ability at burrowing into holes, and the fact that his extraordinarily good 'parking karma' would probably play into a survival scenario!

Producer Gale Anne Hurd told us that the original Walking Dead comic book series was brought to her attention by someone in her office, and that she 'immediately warmed to it'. When she discovered that Frank Darabont was on board to direct the first episode, Hurd committed herself to becoming a producer on the show. The producer of Aliens and many other genre blockbusters said that AMC, with its love of the horror genre and a history of transmitting uncut horror movies, was the ideal fit for Walking Dead, and that in her first meeting with the channel's development executives, they were already familiar with the comic series.

The show premieres, appropriately, on October 31st, with a ninety-minute season opener during AMC's 'Fearfest'.

The Walking Dead panel at Comic-Con


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