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The Super Hero Squad Show – Hero Up! DVD review


Marvel's greatest heroes do a Saturday Morning Matinee which will please the kids more than their parents...

The Super Hero Squad

One of Marvel’s more recent animated efforts makes its way to us this month in the form of last year’s Super Hero Squad. Aimed squarely at the younger Marvel fan, this release features six episodes of fast-paced fun as superheroes favourites team up to do battle with classic villain Dr Doom.

Kicking off with a battle between Iron Man and Doom, this series sees the green-hooded one in pursuit of the Infinity Sword, the most powerful object in the universe and one on which, so we’re told, the fate of the world depends. When the sword is shattered, Doom makes it his mission to recover each fragment, or ‘fractal’, in the hope of reassembling it and taking over the world.

Iron Man, realising he can’t defeat Doom alone, assembles the Superhero Squad. Joining the ranks are Marvel favourites the Silver Surfer, Wolverine, Thor, the Falcon, the Wasp and the Incredible Hulk. Also helping out from time to time is Mr USA himself, Captain America, Ms Marvel and others. Not to be outdone, Doom forms his own team, The Lethal Legion, with MODOK and Abomination becoming his primary henchmen.

"Older fans will likely disapprove of the character depictions in this outing – each character is drawn in a stunted, almost deformed and squashed form"

As mentioned, this series is aimed at a much younger audience than your average die-hard Marvel fan. Not surprising when you consider the series was commissioned to help promote a Hasbro toy line of new Marvel action figures, and it’s these figures that inform the animation and look of the show. Older fans will likely disapprove of the character depictions in this outing – each character is drawn in a stunted, almost deformed and squashed form, and far removed from the classic Marvel animations and comic book characters we’re used to.

But again, as mentioned, this series isn’t aimed at those fans – this is one for the kids. Likewise, the humour and storylines are fast-paced, frantic and, let’s say it, childish. And that’s the point. These aren’t stories to challenge or enthral, they’re simple, quick-witted, fart-joke fun designed to win the short and waning attention-spans of today’s youngsters.

The animation itself is faultless and some of the jokes are very funny, with more than a few likely to go over the head of most toddlers. The characters themselves are not accurate representations of the ones we know and love from previous Marvel animations, but this can be easily dismissed when you remember the show isn’t serious or intended to add anything meaningful to the Marvel universe.

The show is fun, pure and simple, and no doubt kids will love it, but for the true blue Marvel fan out there, this is one to avoid, it’s just not for you. Older fans will likely find Superhero Squad disappointing and, maybe, just a little offensive – no one wants to see their most cherished comic book characters reduced to squashed up deformities who scrape the comedy barrel with low brow toilet humour. That being said, the kids do, and so it will serve as a useful, and entertaining, way to introduce a new generation of fans to the Marvel universe.   

If you’ve got kids, get them this – if you don’t, don’t.

3 stars

TITLE: The Superhero Squad Show – Hero Up!
PRICE: £12.99 (single disc)
RUNNING TIME: 2hrs 13mins

The Superhero Squad Show is released today.

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