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UFO movie: new SHADO logo


Another damned security leak from the top-secret organisation that loves to advertise...

UFo operative - Moonbase

Have only just noticed another little reveal from the autumn 2009 pre-production sessions at New Deal studios for Matthew Gratzner's forthcoming TV-->Movie adaptation of Gerry Anderson's 1970 SF TV series UFO.

Gratzner mentioned to me in a chat at the time that he and his team had redone the logo for the SHADO organisation, and in fact it appears as a background for the new website for the 2011 movie. Here's what UFO fans will remember plastered to absolutely everything SHADO (even though it's supposed to be a secret organisation)...

Original SHADO logo

And here is the slinky redesign as revealed on the website, with colours inverted for clarity...

New SHADO logo (UFO, Matthew Gratzner, 2011)


Pretty faithful really, at least in intent, and unlikely to be the final version. Let's hope Straker won't be flashing it to too many civilians this time, or it'll be amnesia cocktails all round...

First look at the new interceptor from Matthew Gratzner's UFO

Ali Larter in talks for 'UFO', now a trilogy



#1 Hurry up and get on with it Jon Vencato 2012-12-19 21:18
It is about time too with all the sci fi juck theres out on celluloid these days and can we have a video game of the new UFO based on Over G Fighters please using the flight scenes and flying skills of that game in xbox 360

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